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Transbaikal, Trans-Baikal, Transbaikalia (Russian: Zabaykalye), or Dauria (Dauriya) is a mountainous region to the east of or beyond (trans-) Lake Baikal in Russia. The steppe and wetland landscapes of Dauria are protected by the Daurian Nature Reserve, which forms part of a World Heritage Site named The Landscapes of Dauria. The alternative name, Dauria, is derived from the ethnonym of the Daur people. It stretches for almost 1,000 km from north to south from the Patom Plateau and North Baikal Plateau to the Russian state border. The Transbaikal region covers more than 1,000 km from west to east from Baikal to the meridian of the confluence of the Shilka and Argun rivers.